Rise Against blog
A little blog dedicated to this band that, for myself, are the best ^^ !!
Anywhere but here.
The art of losing - The unraveling
The black market - I don’t wanna be here anymore.
I just found this blog and OMFG I love it <3Thanks so much for creating a blog for the MOST AWESOME BAND EVER!!!


You are perfect. I was just looking for a blog about Rise Against (because they're my favorite band) Thankyou for making this blog, don't give up! Remember to Give It All!

Thanks for all the support ^_^ 

Thank you very much for all the support and only say that I started this blog only for fun and now it&#8217;s growing by moments. Thanks again, and as usual: 
&#8221;UP RISE AGAINST&#8221;.
this is the best blog EVER! Rise Against is my favorite band, I literally am saving like every picture on here. <3

Thank you very much for the support ^_^

Drones lyrics :)
Survive - Rise Against lyrics
this is the perfect blog ever ok

Thanks ^.^

Hey, this post is just for say that I need some time for my studies and prepare the exams etc&#8230;
So for a while I will leave the blog,
But I will come back, in a time, I promise.
So, thanks for all the fans of RA, I like that you like some pictures that I make :)
And this is all, SEE YOU LATER!!
&#8212;&#8212;-UP RA!!&#8212;&#8212;-
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